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Formed Funding Prop Firm Branding

Formed Funding Prop Firm Branding

Formed Funding

Formed Funding foundation is rooted in the vision of two accomplished traders who sought to establish a proprietary trading firm. Motivated by the shared desire to connect with fellow traders globally, they created a platform where individuals could have access to simulated funds, support, and opportunities to place their trading skills on the prop firm map.

Formed Funding reached out to margital360 for an overall branding. We envisioned a unique online space that not only conveyed credibility but also offered a seamless and intuitive trading experience. Emphasizing on the importance of a strong online presence in the trading industry, we commenced the mission to redefine their digital world.


The logo we designed aimed at capturing the essence of the company and its role in trading. The resulting logo strikes a balance between simplicity and impactful design,  speaking the core values of Formed Funding.

We carefully selected a color palette to resonate with the financial and trading feature of the company, infusing it within the logo and website creation.


Delving into the website, our team crafted a user-friendly website, to provide a seamless online experience for the traders. The design not only reflects the brand's identity but also increases functionality, helping users easily navigate and engage with the platform.

Social Media

Social media branding was refurbished to align with the new color theme, crafting appealing designs for a recognizable online presence for Formed Funding across various media platforms. Visual elements also played a role in social media branding. We made visually striking graphics to resonate with the prop firm and it's audience. These visuals not only capture attention but also pass on crucial messages within the social media community.


To foster a connection with our user, to help make them feel heard and seen, we created customized certificates for each milestones within the trading platform. These certificates serves as acknowledgments of achievement, placing a sense of accomplishment among the users.