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HARNKARA Fashion Branding

HARNKARA Fashion Branding

Harnkara is an African, Dubai based clothing line fashioned to sell bespoke African wears, specifically the Ankara fabric.

Harnkara tasked us with developing a new branding through seamless services such as web design, brand naming and a unique logo. Margital 360 set out to create a strong, ambitious clothing line through design, marketing, content and stunning photography.


To illuminate its African identity, we coined HANKARA, a name that symbolizes its bold, colorful personality, from the popular west African fabric Ankara.

Out of a diverse pattern prominent in the fabrics, we weaved colors and font visual that blended the brand differently in the fashion industry.


Margital 360 strengthened the foundation of the brand’s identity with a simple, yet bold logo that expresses the brand’s image.


From the homepage, we reinforced its online presence with a simple yet elegant design, finalized with a contemporary feel.

The website embodies an intuitive navigation between the clothing categories for  an easy user shopping experience that reflects the sophistication and expertise of Harnkara


We brought the brand to life by capturing its diverse elegance through aesthetic photography that highlights its African story.