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Rebranding a Multi-Million Dollar Proprietary Trading Firm

Rebranding a Multi-Million Dollar Proprietary Trading Firm

Funded Engineer

Established in April, Funded Engineer has stepped out as a leading global trading prop firm, boasting of traders from around the world. Committed to empowering individuals, Funded Engineer has maintained an impressive average payout of $4,382.95, solidifying its reputation for providing lucrative opportunities. Today, it stands as a multi-million force in the trading industry, contributing to the success and growth of traders globally.

Working with Margital 360

Margital 360 worked with Funded Engineer to enhance the company's visual identity and user experience. This brand needed comprehensive redesign, encompassing elements such as color, iconography, illustration, typography, and new brand assets.

Logo Re-Design

We rebranded the logo by simplifying it's message without changing its essence. The previous logo, while well-intentioned, seemed to make the company's identity a bit complex. We headed a different path opting for a simple design featuring a statistics-inspired logo.

This minimalist visual representation speaks the story of the financial feature of the company without unnecessary complexity.


We started off rebranding the website for a modern look. We aimed at not only refreshing it's visual appeal but also, align the platform theme with the prop firm’s identity. Our design process involved integrating a lighter color palette, that highlighted the wordings that explained the every tab different from the previous darker color. Improving the color palette, helped place funded engineer to be the million dollar prop firm, it is, at the forefront of the trading industry.

Iconography & Illustration

The website had previous mix match of icons randomly sourced, thus we approached creating a unique, yet specific icons from scratch. Each icon was meticulously crafted to represent its corresponding section on the website clearly. 

Refining Social Media

Our rebranding process extended to their social media channels, addressing the inconsistency and complexity present in their previous designs. The former visuals were replaced with a more visually appealing theme. 

By harmonizing the color schemes, and typography, across the social platforms, we crafted an engaging experience for the audience. This not only modernized Funded Engineer's social media presence but also enhanced its appeal.


We concluded the prop firm's rebranding, by redesigning the certificates for users upon completion of phases and milestones. The certificates, though elegantly simple in design, exude excellence. Each certificate serves as a acknowledgment of the user's journey through the challenges and trading phases within the platform.

The minimalist design ensures that these certificates not only represent achievement but also contribute to a positive and rewarding user experience, enhancing the overall engagement.